Introduce Microsoft Power BI.

There is never the best time to introduce a BI tool in a company. We specialize in the company-wide introduction of Power BI and will be with you throughout the entire process.

Introduction to a fixed price

The introduction of an analysis platform still scares many companies: too high investments, too long project durations, but not with data pioneers!

We are introducing Microsoft Power BI in your company at a fixed price. This provides security and predictability for your budget.

We use our Basecamp.

Our unique methodological process model enables you to offer high quality and high standards at a fair price.

If you would like to find out more about this, then get in touch with us directly and find out in a free initial consultation how you will use the full power of Microsoft Power BI.

One more impulse for you:

  • A new analysis platform means structural and cultural change for your company.
  • It is not a sprint, but a marathon! We'll be working together for a few months.
  • You are the key to the success of your analysis platform, so plan enough time with your team to work together!

Our promise. The strategic implementation of Power BI.

With the decision to introduce Power BI with the data pioneers, you get a holistic approach:

  1. The entire Governance package consisting of the implementation concept, the authorization concept and an information design (dashboard guideline)
  2. Einen set up, configured and secure Power BI service (your new BI environment (workspace, pipelines, etc.))
  3. Your dashboards & reports with an edited Data visualization concept
  4. Die trainings to Power BI Champion and Data Champion
  5. Access to our curated knowledgebase
  6. You'll be part of our Power BI family and our Community

curious? Then learn that Basecamp also in our live webinars Know.