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Strategic Microsoft Power BI Implementation

... for real data-driven decisions - Company-wide!

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MS Power BI Einführungen
Dashboards in MS Power BI erstellt
Erfolgreiche BI Projekte

More than +45 companies now rely on our Power BI expertise

A clear view of your business

Your employees and your company finally get a clear view of their business and make better data-based decisions

Enabling employees and companies alike to achieve their goals faster.

Success for your business

By Self-service analytics (SSBI) Is it possible to manage your own business processes and the success of the company.

The insights gained will help you make well-founded decisions based on current data.

No more gut feeling. More facts.

Proven methodology

We have developed
a unique procedure model
that finally standardises
the introduction of
and migration to
Microsoft Power BI.

Our Basecamp supports
you during the introduction
and gives you security
and predictability.

Power BI + Basecamp philosophy

Our Basecamp is based
on Kaizen. A Japanese term meaning "change for the better".

Our approach is based on
the pillars of the Kaizen
philosophy and pursues
a holistic approach on three levels:

1. Architecture & Processes
2. Visualisation & History
3. Change & Culture

This enables you to achieve
your Power BI implementation
and goals in record time
and at a fixed price.

We 💜 Power BI

Specialisation and focus
are very important to us
in our daily work.

We specialise exclusively
in the manufacturer
Microsoft and the products
Power BI and Azure.

This enables us to
provide our customers
with the best possible
support and guarantee
you a high level of
expertise, all our
employees are

Our value proposition

We help companies make better decisions

That's what our customers say

We live by our values and want to impress through excellence.

Mirko Peters

“Quality of work and customer satisfaction”

In short, we highly recommend working with Data Pioneers if you need help with Power BI projects. They go above and beyond what is expected of them; they provide timely answers, professional staff, transparent communication, first-class work quality and customer satisfaction.

Mirko Peters
Product owner -
Deutsche Weiterbildungsgesellschaft mbH

“From pilot project to customer”

The data pioneers, in particular our technical colleagues, recognized our pain points from the very first minute and set up a first pilot together with us in just a few days. Since this initial contact, we have been a happy customer of the data pioneers and always seek selective support

Christian Neyer
Managing Director - Stahlotec GmbH

“Effective sparring partner”

As a first-time customer of DatenPioniere, I am very pleased to have found a sparring partner with you who supports us in the area of sales management and sales controlling. The impetus and active push of the new technology are helping us a lot on our growth path. A clear recommendation.

Stefan Forster
Managing Director - SF Building Automation
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“Top partner for Power BI projects”

I highly recommend working with DatenPioniere. As part of a project, we brought you in and immediately noticed that we were understood. Through additional internal training, we were able to understand the self-service approach of Microsoft Power BI and can incorporate this into further projects. Thanks to you guys.

Viktor Polischuk
Managing Director CRM Solutions GmbH
Wolfgang Groß

“Bester Service”

Die Kompetenz ist hervor-ragend. Die Mitarbeitenden der DatenPioniere sind führend auf dem Gebiet der Migration nach Microsoft Power BI. Wir sind sehr froh hier unseren Partner gefunden zu haben und lassen uns weiter von den Daten-Pionieren betreuen. Eindeutig eine Empfehlung.

Wolfgang Groß
Geschäftsführer Digital Touch GmbH
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Our story — our motivation

Do you know the problem?

The implementations and migrations of Microsoft Power BI are still failing because requirements are unclear, there is incorrect and missing data, employees are involved too late, compliance and security are neglected, and project runtimes are too long.

This was the motivation of the data pioneers to develop a process model that finally standardizes this process and gives the customer security in their BI project. We call it basecamp.

Das Bild vom Gründer und GF Dennis Hoffstaedte
Process model of data pioneers

We standardize the implementation process of your Microsoft Power BI platform so that you have data insights in record time. For a fixed price!

The starting and starting point of our joint work.

For a new and scalable analysis platform based on Microsoft Power BI, we work together in virtual work sessions to develop various deliverables, such as the implementation concept, the authorization concept and the information design (dashboard guideline).

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On the way to data-driven decisions.

After the joint development, we will technically implement your new foundation and it will thus provide the basis and basis for your new future reports and dashboards.

The first use case

We're creating the first new report on Microsoft Power BI. The use case solves the initial pain and directly provides added value for your company. The identification and development is carried out using an interactive canvas model.

Increase acceptance through internal (company) communities

To ensure that your employees also consume the new analysis platforms with new reports and dashboards, we support you in implementing an internal community. This ensures success.

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